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The call

Jesus was homeless.

The population that experiences the same reality has a special place in the heart of God.

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The mission

Skid Row will be saved!

There is a district around the site of the Azusa Street Revival that is home to over 10,000 of the 75,000 homeless people in Los Angeles County.

We are called to take the gospel of Jesus to these "walking dead" and see lives transformed and the power of God comes upon them.

Go out quickly into the streets and alleys of the town and bring in the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame.


Over 7 million Islanders live in poverty by Global Standards.


1 in 9 Fijians have a life altering disability. 1 in 40 have autism.


Use of hard drugs in Pacific Nations has increased 27%.

75,000 People

on the streets of Los Angeles.

Feeding the poor.

Many Fijians are struggling in villages living on Crackers. The issues related to COVID19 have only made things worse leaving 1 in 2 Fijians in poverty. The ministry for poverty alleviation is mainly focused in urban areas. However, rural poverty remains a serious issue for tens of thousands of Fijians. 

The results of poverty overflow into addictions and violence. Claims of crimes against others have seen a major increase since 2020. However, the root of this is believed to be poverty.


Fijians in poverty


women report violence


Increase in Drug use

Light the Nations seeks to respond to this by serving the poor a healthy meal that is culturally relevant. The initial goal is to serve in five villages a week and grow it organically.  

Growing in truth & Glory

Light the Nations believes in the indigenous Church. Congregations are strongest when led by local nationals. The role of the missionary is to strengthen the churches, not compete with them.  The focus of Light the Nations is John 17:19-23: Churches growing in truth and glory unto unity.




Bible Colleges



Churches are strengthened through training on hearing the voice of God, growing in missional living, praying for the sick and operating in the fullness of the spiritual gifts in partnership with Holy Spirit. 

Gospel Crusades work! 

One of the most effective tools to reaching the lost is still doing gospel crusades or gospel festivals. Having an event that is in a central area where people who don’t normally come to church to hear the gospel, receive power and give their lives to Jesus still works. 







The vision is to hold 10 crusades across Fiji in key cities or towns that last 4 nights proclaiming Jesus as Savior, Healer, Deliverer and Baptizer of the Holy Spirit.  We will work with local Pentecostal or Charismatic churches to follow up. 

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