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Awakening Oceania

Revive Skid Row

In Los Angeles County alone, there was over 75,000 homeless that are in need of Jesus and the power of the gospel.

need your help

How Can You help?

Partner with us

We are believing for 120 partners who give $50 a month to help take the gospel to the Islanders.

Pray for us

Prayer is the backbone of everything we do. We need people will pray for Pentecostal fire to fall !

Come to us

Join us for an outreach in Los Angeles for a week or a month. We work in 12 different nations a year.

How we reach the lost

Values of Revival


Intimacy with Jesus

One of the most important things we do is pray with the homeless where they are in faith.


Serving the poor.

We seek to reach the homeless with practical support they need. Food, supplies, etc.


Power Evangelism

The gospel is the answer to every person without hope and need of a deliverer.