But I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and will give you a complete account of the system and expound the actual teachings of the great explore




What is a prophetic witness?

I am reading Wolfgang Vondey’s new book The Scandal of Pentecost: A theology of the Public Church and it raising some great question. One of them is about what is and is not a prophetic witness? What does it mean to be human (with all the challenges of sin) yet have the Spirit resting on […]

How the Great Banquet changes us?

In Luke 14, we read about the parable of the Great Banquet and see a key to the heart of the Lord. What is Jesus trying to get through to us about the importance of the poor, especially the homeless here? Jesus (according to Luke) had just come from a Pharisee’s house where he used […]

Matthew 25 Christianity

The numbers of Fijians with Autism are really hard to understand. From the best I can tell, it is up to 1 in 40 people in Fiji have a form of Autism. According to an article, they have over 500 children that they have confirmed with thousands more (up to 20,000 people) yet to be […]

What is Missional Church?

What does it mean to be the missional Church within the culture of Fiji? Every culture has a different expression of what it means to be missional and what it means to be the Church? The role of the missionary is not to make Fijians into Americans that read Jack Hayford and Craig Keener. A […]

Homelessness in Fiji

A few weeks ago, Fiji Times had an article about how to address the homeless in Fiji that was very discouraging. It is concerning to hear a minister that is tasked with addressing the issue say to not care for the homeless. The issue of homelessness in the South Pacific is harder to address because […]

What is Pneuma Groups?

Simply put, it is about hearing the Holy Spirit! We believe the Spirit has a lot to say and there is much that He speaks to us through the scriptures. Some people call this meditation group. Before that, it was known as “soaking groups.” As a matter of cultural and missional value, the term meditate […]

The process of prophetic community

What is the cycle of a prophetic community? A prophetic community is a people who value the voice of the Spirit and seek to walk in the power of the Spirit until every man, woman, and child has heard the gospel on this planet. However, what is the actual process of developing one? The Foursquare […]

Shipwrecked by IHOPKC?

Note: Starting the series on cults, we start with one that this ministry was actually part of for some time. This is first hand knowledge.  There is no shortage of information about the International House of Prayer but I am told of people that have completely left the faith in Christ because of things that […]