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Evangel Outreach is an independent Pentecostal ministry that shares the original 17 Fundamental Truths  as laid out in Saint Louis in 1916. As a ministry, our convictions are conservative, Arminian framework. 

Our Founder was educated in the Assemblies of God and hold to their beliefs on most core teachings. The emphasis on the Holy Spirit and the mission of God is shared by Evangel Outreach. 
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The Bible, all 66 books, are the message straight from God through the Holy Spirit to men. It is the final authority concerning all things related to godliness and faith.

Holy men met for the "Council of Trent" and established what is the Old and New Testament today. God still speaks but prophetic words do not equal biblical truth.

The Canon of Scripture is closed.

The gospel has four elements to it: repentance, confession, regeneration and sanctification. One must repent of their sins (present and past) They must also confess what Jesus did for them on the Cross.

The Lord is faithful to forgive and the Holy Spirit creates a new spirit in you in redemption. As this happens, you are set apart and made holy before the eyes of God.

That's the good news.

Jesus is the same today, yesterday and forever. He is still in the healing business. One of the final things He told his followers was about healing.

The issue with many is concerning if healing is expected or rare. If salvation is for all, healing must be as well. The same blood that saves, heals. Physical healing is normal, not uncommon.

Jesus would baptize us with Holy Spirit Fire. (Luke 3:16)The idea of a baptism of the Holy Spirit and a different baptism of fire is a bad understanding. In the original language, it is just Holy Spirit Fire.

This is the same baptism the Apostles received (Acts 2:1-4) and it is for every believer. The initial physical evidence of Holy Spirit Fire is praying in tongues.

We believe in the gifts of the Spirit in the context of evangelism. Words of knowledge, prophecy, encouragement, and miracles bring people to Jesus. (John 4, Acts 1:8, Acts 8)

While prophecy has its' purpose within the Church (1 Cor. 14), it is clear that it was used in evangelism in Acts and in the early church history.

Jesus said He will return in the same way He left at the completion of the Great Commission. (Matthew 24:14, Acts 1:6-8) There will be no "secret" rapture as millions will come to Jesus at the end of the age. (Joel 2:28-30)

As a matter of doctrine, Evangel Outreach believes revival, rapture, tribulation, Second Coming. Without reservation, we believe in the victorious Church in the last days.

Jesus told us to go into all the world, cast out devils, heal the sick, and proclaim the good news of Jesus. He told us that every tongue, tribe and nation will see the power of God and hear the good news before He returns. (Mark 16:15-20, Revelation 7:9)

The Great Commission is the gospel will take root in the heart of men and women. It is not complete until every people group has accepted or rejected the gospel.